A truly green clean comes naturally.
The Cleaning Divas was established in 2007 as a high-end residential "green cleaning" company. We started out using the best green cleaners on the market, but quickly found they weren't as natural as we thought.

That's when we decided to roll up our sleeves and create our own line of deep cleaning products. Our goal was to come up with a formula that could stand up against any household cleaner out there—without chemicals or synthetic oils. By combining natural cleaning agents and essential oils, we found a solution that killed bacteria, disinfected and left surfaces squeaky clean. We had truly harnessed the "power of green."

It was the beginning of a cleaning revolution. Finally, there was an environmentally and user-friendly alternative to the harsh, chemically packed products that have dominated the shelves for decades. So not only can people feel good about the products they're buying but also actually feel better just by using them.

Now everyone can enjoy the benefits of all natural, aromatherapeutic household cleaners that not only work like crazy—but also help you maintain your sanity.
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